Wednesday 3rd July Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Who has two thumbs, missed his flight, and is covered in sewage water? This guy. But today I have learned a couple valuable lessons about sticking to plans and getting around Southeast Asia. Never wait out the rain and never get out of the tuk tuk.

The day started off great I had a nice Indian food breakfast and met up with my friend Jess for coffee and deep thoughts. After she took off to buy bus tickets I decided I would hang out at the coffee shop for a couple hours until it was time to head to the airport.

tuk tuk, rain, Cambodia, Phnom PenhAround four hours before my flight it began to rain heavily and I thought “no problem, I can just wait out the rain.” Wrong, wrong. It rained for a solid hour and as soon as it let up I got my bill and started moving toward the airport with plenty of time. No sooner was I in the tuk tuk than the rain started thundering down again. Within minutes there was a foot of water on all the roads. A few minutes later two feet. The tuk tuk could barely make it through the now engine high water.

As the water continued to rise, we came to a particularly deep river/road that we had to cross. Only it was not meant to be. The engine of the tuk tuk went totally underwater and died. As we sat in the newly formed waterway, the river/street continued to rise. A giant SUV passed us by and caused a wave that lifted the tuk tuk up off the street. Water came in one side and out the other as we started to bob. I thought for sure we were going to capsize.

Phnom Penh, flood, rain, Cambodia, rainy season

flood, rain, Phnom Penh, CambodiaPhnom Penh, Cambodia, flood, rain, seasonrain, season, flood, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

I got out of the tuk tuk and helped pushed it back to dry land. While wading in the street/river, I became joyfully aware of all the things other than water floating about. Not so sanitary. After a twenty minute wait (trying to get water out of the engine/gas), we tried again. Twice more the driver tried to cross the waters only for the engine to die. On the fourth time we made it across and up to a high road. Unfortunately we went straight into a giant traffic jam. I arrived at the airport at 5:40. Alas, my plane left at 5:05. It had taken us more than three and a half hours to get six or seven miles. In the end, I was able to get another flight, took a train home, and showered for an excessive amount of time.

Also, my Thai came in handy on the train. When I heard two women snickering about what was surly a very unpleasant odor coming from my clothes and person, I was able to apologize and embarrass them a little. And isn’t that what learning a language is all about?

4 thoughts on “Wednesday 3rd July Phnom Penh, Cambodia

    1. Robert A Findlay Post author

      Hey Sandy,
      Thanks for the nice comments! While being covered in sewage is not so fun, at least now when I talk about these areas with students in the future I will have some good stories to tell. Isn’t that what it is all about anyway?

  1. leminhkhai

    That’s amazing!!! Where is all of that water coming from? The rain filled up the streets like that?

    And what “train” did you take. After flying to Thailand you took a train? Take a taxi to a hotel and take a shower dude!!!

    1. Robert A Findlay Post author

      It was amazing water indeed. Apparently big rain, lowland building, and broken sewer systems lead to bad smelling floods. Who knew? Also, I took the sky train home. Even when exhausted and stinking, I don’t want to spend to much.


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